LONN600-4A Portable Density and Concentration Meter Recruit Agents Worldwide

 Company News    |      2018-10-10

Xi'an Lonn M&E Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and development of density/concentration meters more than five years. Density/concentration products include common types on the market, such as fork density meter, optical density meter, Coriolis density meter, differential pressure density meter.

The company developed a lightweight and accurate portable density/concentration meter to meet the needs of the market. The measurement takes only 2 seconds.

The typical application of the product: oil industry, such as barrel products, filling stations, oil/fuel/diesel tanks; pharmaceutical and chemical industries, such as fermentation, serum, sample preparation, battery electrolyte, etc.; food and beverage industry.

The available medium: ammonia, alcohol, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, petroleum, diesel, juice, wine, honey, milk, etc.

At present, the company decided to recruit portable density meter agents worldwide, the agent is required to engage in the measurement instrument industry and have certain customer resources. For specific agency matters, please contact us.

Lonn focuses on density/concentration measurement! Our mission is to help our customers succeed, and our vision is to make industrial measurement intelligent!